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Monday, April 09, 2007


Evan Pearce

Since your "better than one" blog died an early death neither you nor Amy answered my question as to what shows are your main reads over at TWoP? I still want to know! You can check over in the comments on that blog for an idea of what I read, but suffice to say Battlestar and various chick shows.


Sorry, Ev. Better Than One definitely died too early. I think we just got too busy. Will definitely revisit.

As for my main reads on TWoP, here they are: 24, Gilmore Girls, House, Lost, America's Next Top Model

Actually, those are just the shows that I watch. I also read up on Ugly Betty, American Idol and Gray's Anatomy, even though I don't watch them.

How about you?

Evan Pearce

Read and watch:
Battlestar Galactica (best show on television most of the time), Veronica Mars (used to be the best show on tv)

Sometimes watch always read:
Gilmore Girls

Used to watch now mostly just read:

If you're interested in a recaper just straight up hating on a show check out the two episodes of The Mountain in the archives. The show was terrible which led to absolutely hysterical recaps from a profoundly suffering recaper.

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