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Wednesday, March 07, 2007



hahaha, this is funny for a few reasons..1) I'm watching the news right now about bloomfield having a scene in the Sopranos..wish you were in the background buying a milkshake.. 2) you brought Ryan and I to that dump the first time we came to your house... 3) I will never forget it because the service was crap, waitresses were talking criznap about us and I could have made a better grilled cheese at home.. 4) the mayor should reeeeeeeeeeeally think twice about this since it could give my sister's favorite milkshake joint a chance to step it up and hire some chicks that actually do their jobs!

(note to reader...I've been to this place all of one time)


I too have been to Holsten's and too got crap service, but an awesome milkshake! I'd love to see Sopranos filmed there, just for the mental image of the traffic jam at the nearby intersection, and the bragging rights to getting my milkshakes there when I'm in town!!!


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